• Salesperson Pre-License Course

    This pre-license course (Sales person) is approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission as an in-class course for 75 hours. The course meets the requirements set by the GREC for prospective licensees. The course is offered by "Real Es...

  • Post-License Course (Online Course)

    Post-License Course (Online Course-Georgia Sales and Marketing 101 for Real Estate Professionals, v2.0 )https://portal.recampus.com/re/RESAPS

  • Fair Housing

    Class time: 3 hours Hour 1 a. Fair Housing Act -The 1988 Amendments Act and Beyond Hour 2. a. Fair Housing in Property Management and Advertising Hours 3. a. Fair Housing Case Studies Item ...

  • Mortgage Lending Review

    COURSE INFORMATION Class Time: 3 Hours [TOPIC] HOUR 1 Overview of Mortgage Lending HOUR 2 Mortgage Lending Process HOUR 3 Loan Products [STUDY OBJECTIVES] HOUR 1 - Brief History of mortgage l...

  • Nuts bolts ofproperty management

    Course Description After reviewing basics of retail leasing and property management, the course will focus on legal aspect of leasing and management.

  • Other Online Courses

    To be developed

  • Georgia Sales and Marketing 101 for Real Estate Professionals, v2.0


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Title Insurance for Real Estate Professionals

Starting Up

Our goal is to offer courses that not only provide professional education but also offer practical education relevant to the real estate environment. We want our students to have an exceptional


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